• Selected Proceedings of Advances in Conservation

    Selected videotaped presentations from the Western Association of Art Conservation (WAAC) Conference.

  • Utah Women's Health Review

    The University of Utah’s Center of Excellence in Women’s Health, in collaboration with The Utah Department of Health and the Utah Women’s Health Coalition, is preparing an interdisciplinary publication devoted to Women's Health in Utah.   We feel this supplement not only represents challenges to women in Utah but in many states with both urban and rural regions.

    This will be an opportunity to highlight how far we have come in the last decade (when the women’s health update was last published ( to shed light on gender differences and the areas where gender disparities continue to exist, and to bring to light new health concerns that need to be addressed. Contributors are encouraged to consider the intersection of physical and reproductive health, social health, emotional health, occupational and financial health, environmental health, intellectual health and spiritual health.

    The goal of this publication is to update knowledge surrounding Women’s health issues in our community and to create a tool that can be used to improve health in Utah for years to come. This could also serve as a model for other states in bringing together interdisciplinary researchers, public health practitioners and women’s health advocates to collaborate on a publication that focus on regional health issues.   The broad spectrum of articles also highlights that health is more than one dimension—and that thinking of health in these multiple dimensions more accurately portrays the women’s health challenges in public health.


  • Proceedings of the Utah Integrative Health & Resiliency Conference

    By addressing social, cultural, political issues and beliefs, the conference and these proceedings intend to raise awareness, dispel myths and support evidence based methods which will improve the knowledge, understanding and well-being of students and professionals, as well as the greater community.
  • Proceedings of the Symposium on Emerging Technology Trends in Higher Education

    Open access online proceedings of the Symposium on Emerging Technology Trends in Higher Education
  • Undergraduate Research Journal

    The journal's primary mission is to make more visible the rich and diverse student contributions to research and creative work at the University of Utah. All undergraduate students involved in research at the University of Utah are strongly encouraged to submit one-page summaries of their work for publication in this journal.

  • Open Research at the U

    A journal of Library-supported open-access research articles.
  • Utah Foreign Language Review

    Providing emerging scholars with a peer-reviewed venue to publish innovative approaches to literary and cultural productions of any language or cultural origin.
    E-ISSN: 2165-4905 (online)
    P-ISSN: 1081-9045 (print)
  • Utah Historical Review

    The journal of history published by Phi Alpha Theta - Alpha Rho, the National History Honor Society's chapter at the University of Utah.
  • Social Dialogue

    The purpose of Social Dialogue is to allow students to engage their community by discussing social issues in a public forum.
  • Hinckley Journal of Politics

    The Hinckley Journal of Politics strives to publish scholarly papers of exceptional caliber, promoting the intellectual talents and understanding of University of Utah undergraduate students in the fields of politics, government, international relations, and humanitarian aid.

    ISSN 2163-0798 (online)
  • Journal of Law and Family Studies

    The Journal of Law and Family Studies (JLFS) is an interdisciplinary journal addressing a broad range of empirical and doctrinal topics concerning families, family relationships, and the law. JLFS explores issues in family and juvenile law as well as other family-related issues relevant to public policy. JLFS is published at least twice a year, and membership is determined by a summer writing competition.
  • Utah Environmental Law Review

    TheUtah Environmental Law Review typically publishes two issues each year; a fall issue and a spring issue.It welcomes submissions year-round of articles, comments, notes of interest, and literary pieces. While continuing to publish traditional legal articles, the Utah Environmental Law Review will also consider for publication articles of an interdisciplinary nature, expository articles that provide the non-specialist an overview of specialized areas of law, and articles oriented toward a practitioner's perspective, written by or for the practitioner. In addition, the Utah Environmental Law Review carefully considers other submissions that might be of interest to readers of an environmental legal journal.