Ocular Injuries and Protective Eyewear in Athletics

  • Taylor T Webster
  • Mary Elizabeth Hartnett


Although there have been many studies regarding the prevelance of ocular injuries in athletics, none have focused on the efficacy of using protective eyewear in athletics to prevent injuries. A short survey will be used to gather quantitative data and eventually in-person converstations will help incorporate qualitative data. The findings will be used to understand reasons why few athletes use protective eyewear in athletics and offer ways to incorporate more frequent use of eyewear.
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WEBSTER, Taylor T; HARTNETT, Mary Elizabeth. Ocular Injuries and Protective Eyewear in Athletics. Undergraduate Research Journal, [S.l.], june 2017. Available at: <http://epubs.utah.edu/index.php/URJ/article/view/3680>. Date accessed: 17 oct. 2017.
School of Medicine


Ocular Injuries; Protective Eyewear; Athletics; Athletic Equipment