How to Experience and Amplify Four Proven Principles of Optimal Health and Resilience Through a Meditative Practice Called Integral Polarity Practice

N. Lee Smith, John Kesler


1) Describe how opposing polarities are fundamental to physiological health (such as Expansion/Contraction) and also to human development (such as Agency/Communion); and how taking any one of such poles to an extreme creates pathology.

2) Experience how integration of such seemingly opposite poles shows them to be necessary for each other, solving not only physiological disruption by resolving stressful conflicts, but also creating personal integration and growth.

3) Define four principles proven to optimize both resilience and improved health outcomes: An internal locus of control, connectedness, purpose and meaning, and hope.

4) Meditatively experience, interconnect and amplify these four principles using Integral Polarity Practice.


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