It's Never Too Late: Teaching Felons Empathy, Forgiveness and Resilience

Craig Plunkett


1)     Participants will gain greater awareness and insight into the life of a felon convicted of murder and other crimes – from the early teen years of crime (often drug/alcohol related) to an aging adult serving a 30 year-to-life sentence.

2)     Participants will learn of the meaningful dialogue created through bringing together victims, judges and felons that fosters understanding, empathy, and forgiveness of self and others.

3)     Participants will be able to explain three components of Personal Inspirational Psychology used with clients and how this process contributes to their resiliency and continued progress.

4)     Participants will be able to explain the meaning of “Erroneous Beliefs” and “Impermeable Behavior”, and how clients can learn vital information to help them develop behaviors of increasing return. 

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