The Texas FLDS raid is only the most recent major event in polygamy's tumultuous history. The effect of polygamy on its participants, both historically and currently, is not clear. As the monologues which this note accompanies show, polygamy has two sides. Rowenna Erickson tells a sordid tale of thirty-four years "filled with confusion, heartache, and loneliness." She explains that all those who participate in polygamy do so because they are being brainwashed. Contrarily, Martha Cannon with gratitude explained that she is "regarded as a mother to many" as she described her feelings of boundless love from her experiences as a plural wife. The Texas FLDS case and the monologues only begin to illustrate the complex issues of polygamy. This note will define polygamy, provide a brief overview of its history, discuss its effects on participants and society, and finally explain some of the issues surrounding the enforcement of polygamy laws and the best strategy for further enforcement.  
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