Unwholesome Activities in a Wholesome Place: Utah Teens Creating Pornography and the Establishment of Prosecutorial Guidelines

Jesse Michael Nix


In Davis County, Utah, idyllic suburban towns sit under the shadow of the Wasatch Mountains. Many people attend churches, volunteer with civic organizations, and enjoy time with family and friends. The teenagers in the area score highly on standardized tests, volunteer their free time, and some attend private religious classes off-campus during the school day.

Suddenly a trend starts to spread among Davis County teenagers that puts police, prosecutors, and parents on edge. The media starts questioning local law enforcement. "The conduct involved here runs the spectrum from being less severe to some shocking-type behavior," says Davis County Attorney Troy Rawlings. "It's out there and it's happening. It's felonies, potentially federal felonies, and the kids are clueless," adds deputy Davis County Attorney Ronald Dunn.


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