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Vol 33, No 1 (2013)

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Perpetual Conservation Easements in the 21st Century: What Have We Learned and Where Should We Go From Here? Abstract PDF
Nancy A. McLaughlin
Qualified Conservation Restrictions: Recollections of and Reflections on the Origins of Section 170(h) Abstract PDF
Theodore S. Sims
Conservation Easements: Design Flaws, Enforcement Challenges, and Reform Abstract PDF
Roger Colinvaux
The Uniform Conservation Easement Act: Reflections of a Member of the Drafting Committee Abstract PDF
K. King Burnett
Conservation Easements and the “Term Creep” Problem Abstract PDF
Michael Allan Wolf
Conservation Easement Enabling Statutes: Perspectives on Reform Abstract PDF
Nancy A. McLaughlin, Jeff Pidot
Conservation Easements as Charitable Property: Fiduciary Duties and the Limits of Charitable Self-Regulation Abstract PDF
Melanie B. Leslie
Amending or Terminating Conservation Easements: The New Hampshire Experience Abstract PDF
Terry M. Knowles


A Therapeutic Jurisprudence Analysis of the Use of Eminent Domain to Create a Leasehold Abstract PDF
Carol L. Zeiner


The Environmental Litigation Bond: An Illegal and Shortsighted Limitation on Environmental Litigation in Utah Abstract PDF
Douglas Naftz
PPL Montana: The Supreme Court’s Modern Day City Slicker Approach for Determining the Navigability for Title Test Abstract PDF
Landon Newell