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Vol 1, No 2: Fall 2011

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Anisotropic Inverse Cascade toward Zonal Flow in Magnetically Confined Plasmas Abstract PDF
Alexander M. Balk
Walkable new urban LEED_Neighborhood-Development (LEED-ND) community design and children's physical activity: selection, environmental, or catalyst effects? Abstract PDF
Barbara Brown
Bidirectional Power Stroke by Ncd Kinesin Abstract PDF
Anthony Butterfield
Pheromone mediated modulation of pre-flight warm-up behavior in male moths Abstract PDF
Jose G. Crespo
Attenuation of the Sensing Capabilities of PhoQ in Transition to Obligate Insect–Bacterial Association Abstract PDF
Colin Dale
Real (Software) Abstractions On the Rise of Facebook and the Fall of MySpace Abstract PDF
Robert W. Gehl
Best practices for justifying fossil calibrations Abstract PDF
Randall Irmis
Classification of Single Molecular Motor Events Abstract PDF
Mikhail Skliar
Dietary Heterogeneity among Western Industrialized Countries Reflected in the Stable Isotope Ratios of Human Hair Abstract PDF
Luciano O. Valenzuela
Liquid metal-based plasmonics Abstract PDF
Jinqi Wang