A Poetfolio on Inequality

  • Bilal Boussayoud Colgate University


My turbulent and socially, racially & economically disadvantaged life gave me, Bilal, a first generation Algerian immigrant, a lot of reasons and subject matter for writing. I mainly choose to write poetry/spoken word since my cries of activism, words of scorn for my abusive father, expressions of frustration towards my complicated relationship with Islam, cute puns, and works of prose inevitably become poetic in some capacity.
I performed most of the works in this poetfolio (a poet’s portfolio, yes I invented that term) last Thursday at The Thickness , a poetry reading at Colgate University with renowned artist/poet Reyna Biddy. The piece Y’all Are Artists was written in response to [not my] President Donald Trump’s wish to arm teachers in the aftermath of the Parkland, Florida shooting. The only piece in this poetfolio that I didn’t perform is Dialogue Makes More Dialogue , mainly because I decided that it’s best to let it speak for itself as an introductory piece in the context of my work.

Author Biography

Bilal Boussayoud, Colgate University
Yerr! My name is Bilal Boussayoud, and I'm a Computer Science major at Colgate University. As far as interests go, I really just like rap and sunsets because both enabled me to like in general, and not like selectively. If that makes sense then have a good day. 
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