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Is Congress Now the Broken Branch? Abstract PDF
Barbara Sinclair
The Struggle over Executive Appointments Abstract PDF
John C. Roberts
Managing Political Polarization in Congress: A Case Study on the Use of the Hastert Rule Abstract PDF
Holly Fechner
Actually We Should Wait: Evaluating the Obama Administration’s Commitment to Unilateral Executive-Branch Action Abstract PDF
William P. Marshall
Holding the President Accountable to Constitutional Limits Abstract PDF
Louis Fisher
Executive Power in the Obama Administration and the Decision to Seek Congressional Authorization for a Military Attack Against Syria: Implications for Theories of Unilateral Action Abstract PDF
Kenneth R. Mayer
Democracy-Assisting Judicial Review and the Challenge of Partisan Polarization Abstract PDF
Terri Peretti
Unequal Inequalities? Poverty, Sexual Orientation, and the Dynamics of Constitutional Law Abstract PDF
Jane S. Schacter
Reinvigorating the Judiciary’s Role in Resolving Interbranch Disputes Abstract PDF
Michael Teter
Unfunded Federal Mandates and State Judiciaries: A Question of Sovereignty Abstract PDF
Christine M. Durham, Brian L. Hazen
The Real World of Interdependence of Governments and Corporations: What We Know vs. What We Teach Abstract PDF
David Menefee-Libey, Charles Herman, Chad Powell, Jeffrey Zalesin