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Utah Law Review


From Bibles to Biomarkers: The Future of the DSM and Forensic Psychiatric Diagnosis Abstract PDF
Teneille R. Brown
The DSM-5: Implications for Health Law Abstract PDF
Stacey A. Tovino
Does the DSM-5 Threaten Autism Service Access? Abstract PDF
Rebecca Johnson
The DSM-5 and Criminal Defense: When Does a Diagnosis Make a Difference? Abstract PDF
Nancy Haydt
“I Expected It to Happen/I Knew He’d Lost Control”: The Impact of PTSD on Criminal Sentencing After the Promulgation of DSM-5 Abstract PDF
Michael L. Perlin
Diagnosis Dangerous: Why State Licensing Boards Should Step in to Prevent Mental Health Practitioners from Speculating Beyond the Scope of Professional Standards Abstract PDF
Jennifer S. Bard