Doing more for Education: "Read with a Child"


In the next decade, Utah will see 145,000 new students enter its public education system. Compare that to 17,000 new students in the past 10 years. We face a challenge to educate our children so that they becomesuccessful and are part of a skilled and well-educated workforce. As leaders, educators and parents, we must ensure our children have learned and mastered the basic skills like reading, writing and math. We must work to provide adequate funding for education, including dollars for special programs to focus on children who are falling behind. We must also enlist the help of every parent, neighbor and volunteer to supplement achild’s education outside our schools. Since becoming Utah’s fifteenth governor, I have created a program titled “Read with a Child.†This program has provided $30 million to Utah schools to focus on reading, avery basic skill. The program also encourages every Utahn to “spend the most important 20 minutes of their day, reading with a child.†I believe that together, we can help our youth gain strong foundations for futurelearning and success. And it begins with exploring a book with a child.
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