Unlimited Talent: The Benefits of High-Skilled Immigrants


Technological companies are increasingly in need of talent and skills often lacking within the native workforce. If the demand for such workers cannot be met, the United States’ economic competitiveness will continue to diminish. This research focuses on high-skilled immigrants, a sub-group of immigrants characterized by entrepreneurship, innovation, and intellect. Though they are ideal candidates for the many unfilled positions in technological sectors, unreasonable policies both deter and prevent these individuals from contributing to the country. An analysis of other surveys, studies, and research reveals that certain visas can take applicants decades to obtain. Furthermore, the cause for most of the opposition towards high-skilled immigrants seems to be fueled by nativism and lack of education. Luckily, if policymakers can begin to scrutinize the issue of high-skilled immigrants in a more objective manner, solutions can be easily achieved. The examined data suggests that simply eliminating visa caps can remove many of the decade-long backlogs in a few years. In other words, this would finally ease the process of attracting and retaining the exceptional talent that will keep moving this country forward.
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. Unlimited Talent: The Benefits of High-Skilled Immigrants. Hinckley Journal of Politics, [S.l.], v. 14, may 2013. ISSN 2163-0798. Available at: <https://epubs.utah.edu/index.php/HJP/article/view/966>. Date accessed: 06 june 2023.
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Politics; Immigration; Entrepreneurship