The Undergraduate Journal of Contemporary Issues & Media

  • Karyn Keane Longwood University
  • Melisse Claireneth Liwag University of California, Davis
  • Holly Neyer Boise State University
  • Ben Davidson Stanford University
  • Bilal Boussayoud Colgate University


The journal is the product of students in our Techni-al Editing course, who through their e orts and those of the authors collaborated to bring the pieces to fruition.  Each piece in the volume addresses the term “inequality,” a nebulous concept that each contributor interpreted in their own unique way through a medium that best t their message. Through a diverse set of texts and video, the journal represents how each person chose to share their perspective.

Author Biographies

Karyn Keane, Longwood University
KARYN KEANE is a junior in the Cormier Honors College of Longwood University in Farmville, Virginia. She is an English major with a concentration in Rhetoric and Professional Writing and a minor in Children’s Literature. Her academic interests include pop culture, writing studies, public memory, and rhetoric. In addition to her English-focused studies, she is a reader for The Omnipedia Review and regularly contributes pieces to the Farmville-Downtown Partnership. Her other publications include “Par al, Par san, Contested: Public Memory at the National Museum of African American History and Culture” and “Nasty Women: Grendel’s Mother and Wealhtheow as Equal Depictions of Femininity.” She will also present her research on the National Museum of African American History and Culture at the 2018 National Collegiate Honors Conference. After graduating from Longwood, she hopes to pursue a doctorate in Composition and Rhetoric with the eventual goal of becoming a college professor.
Melisse Claireneth Liwag, University of California, Davis
MELISSE CLAIRENETH LIWAG is currently pursuing a double major in Cognitive Science (Neuroscience emphasis) and Psychology at the University of California, Davis. A deep passion of hers is to connect to her Filipino roots while learning more about other cultures’ languages and customs. Her other interests include going on exciting food adventures with family and friends, and watching funny online videos in the comfort of her own home. A second article, “CULTURING THE MIND: A Policy Brief to California’s Asian American Mental Health Allies,” can be found on pg. 37 of this issue.
Holly Neyer, Boise State University
HOLLY NEYER is a recent graduate of Boise State University Class of 2018, where she graduated cum laude with bachelor’s degrees in Linguistics and French. Throughout the course of her years in undergraduate, Holly was highly involved on campus, serving as a Peer Advisor in the English Department, a student instructor in the Intensive English Program, an active member of Alpha Mu Gamma, and a contributor to several Service Learning projects on campus. Outside of campus, Holly assisted in establishing an educational service program for refugee youth of the Boise community. A passionate writer and researcher, Holly has written and presented numerous bodies of research during her undergraduate years, focusing primarily on language and film. Holly is now attending Pepperdine University in Malibu, California to obtain a master’s degree in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL).
Ben Davidson, Stanford University
BEN DAVIDSON is a sophomore at Stanford University. He’s still frantically floundering around in his life like an incompetent fish that’s been dumped on the beach by a particularly malicious wave, so he hasn’t figured out what major he’s going to declare, though he hopes it’ll be something like creative writng, religious studies, east asian studies, philosophy, english, comparative literature, or something like that. When he’s not making awkward animal metaphors, you might find him writing for the campus equivalent of the Onion, the Flipside, looking for something even though he doesn’t know how to find it or really what it is at all, trying to do some writing of his own, sticking his nose where he doesn’t belong, or playing D&D with his Friend Group.  
Bilal Boussayoud, Colgate University
BILAL BOUSSAYOOUD is a computer science major at Colgate University. He really just likes rap and sunsets because both have enabled him to like in general, and not like selectively. If that makes sense, he says to have a good day.
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