• UFLR Volume 21: Passages, Protests, and Paradigm Shifts Passages, Protests, & Paradigm Shifts
    Vol 21 (2013)
    This issues of UFLR contains proceedings from the 2014 Confutati conference. The theme, "Passages, Protests, & Paradigm Shifts," brought papers that covered an array of cultural productions that transcend boundries of genre and promoted social and cultural change.
  • UFLRXX Unmasking Effaced Identities Unmasking Effaced Identities
    Vol 20 (2012)
    The 2012 issue of Utah Foreign Language Review seeks to examine the various modes of expression that arise as identities are fragmented and negated through dialectics of power.  From marginalization to dissociation, division by ethnicity, religion or social class, gender or sexuality, how are identities effaced and excluded from mainstream cultures? Through music and poetry, visual arts and literature, what subversive identities show their faces in modern cultural production?
  • v19 cover Telling and Retelling
    Vol 19 (2011)
    The Mosaics of Traveling Narratives and NarratorsThe Utah Foreign Language Review celebrates its Twentieth Anniversary with a special edition of scholarly essays, travel literature and biographical studies of published authors, and a limited number of creative pieces (such as poems, short stories and autobiographies). Our focus this year is on well-traveled stories and authors as artful mosaics, transformed and transfigured by their encounters with and adoption by foreign cultural contexts. We aim to examine the various means by which stories migrate, with or without their bearers, and how they take up new identities as they are told and retold.
  • UFLR XVIII Rethinking Gender Identities
    Vol 18 (2010)
    Bodies, Sexuality and Performance
  • Movement, Displacement and Resistance
    Vol 17 (2009)
    Interdisciplinary Approaches to the Literary Text
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